CPFPI was founded and is based upon entrepreneurial dreams of building a successful, uniquely positioned fragrance blending and contract manufacturing company. 

CPFPI began humbly in 1991 in a tiny 2,000 square foot facility located in Kearny, NJ. After about five years of building its fledgling business, CPFPI expanded and moved to larger accommodations in Bloomfield several times to better serve the needs of their growing customer base. Then, as their business began to grow with the help of its customers, moved to a still larger structure where they continued to work with focus while expanding services and client base. 

Its business grew at a very healthy rate over the subsequent decade and in 2010-11, they began to strategize and plan to relocate still again. This time to even larger accommodations in Monroe, NJ, become owners of the facility versus renters and build and now occupy a state of the art facility that will serve their growing needs, and those of their valued clients, for decades to come.