CPFPI specializes in the filling of tubes, bottles, samplers from 5ml to 500ml sizes in Creams, Lotion, Shower gels, Bath Oils, Hair Oils, Body Oils and other ancillary products.

We offer:

  • Pressure/vacuum blending; complex emulsions; computer controlled pre-weigh system; vast variety of tank configurations.
  • Manufacturing & filling at a rate of 30,000 units/shift for tubes and bottles with plans to expand to 180,000 units/shift.
  • Pilot production availability with an R&D lab on site to monitor and ensure all products comply with our client’s exact specifications.
  • We can also offer blending and formulation assistance, where requested.

Technically, CPFPI has validated systems for OTC manufacture, is FDA/OSHA compliant and New Jersey state health certified.