HydroAlcohols are the cornerstone of CPFPI. We can fill vials from 0.5ml to giant factice (5 liter) bottles. We fill sample vials, minis and rollerballs, along with retail size products from 15ml. to 200ml. and larger. Additionally, we fill professional dramming units and salon sizes up to 1 liter (32 fl.oz).

We also offer ‘value added’ alcohol blending services such as EDT, EDP, Parfum, Cologne, Bath and Linen sprays, Body Spray (dual phase body spray/body spray with glitter), 3 phase products and a myriad of other creative and unique formulas. 

Capacities include:

  • Vials (0.5ml to 4ml) up to 700,000pcs per shift.
  • Rollerballs and Minis (5ml. to 14ml.) up to 150,000pcs per shift.
  • Retail sizes (15ml. to 200ml.) up to 240,000pcs per shift.
  • Professional dramming, salon sizes and factices (500ml. to 5,000ml.) up to 2,000pcs per shift.